Modular Services Company actively partners with each customer to create advanced healthcare products. Our innovative designs are based on the highest level of clinical functionality.

As a member of the Modular Services Company team, you will work with peers across the healthcare industry to generate meaningful product solutions for the patient environment.   Employees take pride in knowing that each MSC product will positively impact the day to day workflow of the clinician so that each patient will receive the utmost care.  Our commitment:


Each product we produce, every single service we provide, must be safe, reliable and of the highest caliber.     

Customer Focus

As a participant in the design/construction process, we recognize that our ultimate customer is the clinician. Our products and services meet the unique needs of various departments, caregivers and patients.    

Positive Work Environment

We maintain a diligent effort to create a pleasing, efficient workplace. We receive ideas, opinions and personalities with an open mind. 

Open Communication

Communication throughout the organization is crucial to maintain a focused commitment to our customers and each other. 


Working together commits us to achieving common goals and, through mutual support, can bring out the best in each of us. 


We are accountable to ourselves, our colleagues and our customers. We conduct business in an environment of transparency of action.

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