The Silhouette® is a horizontal headwall that unites clinical function with aesthetic design. Services, equipment and monitors are all within arm's reach for clinician ease and productivity.




  • Available in single-tier, double-tier or split double-tier configurations
  • Customizable to any length in 6-inch increments, ranging from the smallest length of 18 inches, up to 10 feet
  • Surf or Platinum Grey trim
  • Wide variety of high pressure laminate options
  • Ergonomic placement of electrical services and medical gas outlets
  • Up to 4 equipment management channels for accessories and storage management
  • Recessed into the wall, protruding only 1.25 inches from the finished surface
  • Clinical design flexibility
  • Intensive Care Areas
  • PACU
  • NICU
  • ED/Trauma
  • Patient Rooms

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