MSC announces a new option in the Flatwall 4500 Series: The Flatwall 4500-R


Oklahoma City, OK - Modular Services Company announces a new option within the Flatwall 4500 Series:  The Flatwall 4500-R.   The new semi-recessed option features an ultra-slim contour, projecting only 1.06" off the finished wall and includes MSC's patented NeoTrack®, which positions accessories out and away from the headwall to promote a clear path to all services and mounted technology. Each Flatwall 4500-R includes a Fast-Track Template, designed to help shorten the critical path and alleviate delay in project completion.  Once the template is installed, all other trades can move forward without the headwalls being on site.  

The Flatwall 4500-R is available in a 23.5", 28.5" or 33.5" width at either 9" or 15" above the finished floor.

To learn more about the Flatwall 4500-R, click here.

Flatwall 4500-R



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