MSC's WellJoint® Now Featuring CuVerro® Bactericidal Copper Surfaces


Modular Services Company is pleased to announce a new way to combat bacteria* that cause hospital-acquired infections.  

A healthier headwall with WellJoint®.  Disinfectants alone can't reach all bacteria* on the headwall - that's where WellJoint® featuring CuVerro® bactericidal copper comes in!  MSC's patented WellJoint® is now manufactured with CuVerro® copper along the perimeter of each headwall panel to help inhibit buildup and growth of bacteria* in the most difficult to clean areas of the headwall.  CuVerro® represents the only class of solid (metal) surface materials registered with the EPA to actively kill bacteria*.  And, with regular cleaning,  it has also been shown that CuVerro® continues to kill more than 99% of bacteria* even after repeated contamination.

WellJoint® featuring CuVerro® copper represents one of the many ways in which Modular Services Company is committed to designing products that improve the patient environment.  WellJoint® is available as an option on any Modular headwall where panel seams are present. 

To learn more about WellJoint® featuring CuVerro® click here.

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